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Set boot level password in BIOS setup

Windows vulnerability

Most of us use only windows password to make our computer inaccessible to others. But vulnerability of windows password is known to all. It can be manipulated, so we need an extra level of security for this. Very few of us know that BIOS(Basic Input output system) offers a system to apply one extra level of security to our computer that is boot time password.

For those who are not aware of BIOS, it is basically a firmware or we can say small set of code stored in the ROM. BIOS is the program which loads operating system into RAM. It also provides some basic fundamental instruction to the computer hardware.

how to set reset boot time password

How to open BIOS setup?

Opening BIOS setup differs for every motherboard. In some laptop you will find one extra button to open BIOS setup. Generally pressing F2, Delete or F8 during computer startup will let you enter into BIOS setup.

How to set boot time password?

Press the power button on your computer. Enter into BIOS setup by pressing required key in your keyboard according to your motherboard. Once you enter into the BIOS setup, go to security tab. Now, the settings in the security tab may also vary according to motherboard. But in most of the BIOS settings, it will first ask you to set a supervisor password. Once you set the supervisor password. You can skip the user password option. Now, enable the boot time password. Press F10 for save. You are done now.

Next time when you will restart your computer, BIOS will prompt for a password during boot. This boot level password creates an extra level of security for operating system. Cracking windows/operating system password is not impossible these days. But, if you have enabled boot level password in your BIOS setup, it’s a tedious task for cracker to hack into your computer.

This boot level password also secures your BIOS settings. Nobody can change your BIOS setup unless one has your boot password.
how to set reset boot time password
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