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Learn Web Designing at Bhanjanagar, Odisha

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Learn Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web designing along with HTML, CSS, Ajax, JS, Bootstrap, JQuery, PHP, MYSQL, and keep yourself updated with new technologies.

The kind of training we provide here is hard to find anywhere in Odisha. Check out the syllabus in the section below.

Course Details

    Course code : CS1002

    Course Prerequisites / Eligibility : Plus 2 / 10+2 / Diploma

    Educational Occupational Credential : A web designing certificate will be awarded on successful completion of 3 months course.

    Number Of Credits : 80, candidate need to acquire atleast 80% score to pass.

    Level of Education : Advanced Level

    Course Duration : 3 months

    Course Fees : ₹ 5600 INR

    Curse Mode : Onsite, Classroom classes

Course Syllabus

HTML is the base of all web pages in internet. Without knowledge of HTML we can't understand the concepts of web design. Here in our institute we fully covered all the concepts of HTML from basic to advanced to make you understand what web page designing is all about.

Cascading stylesheet(CSS) is used for designing of html pages. Without it the web page will be just text only with no design at all.

It is a client side scripting language which adds some kind of extra functionalities to web pages. Javascript makes a webpage more interactive to user.

Ajax is developers dream because it updates a web page without reloading, request data from a server - after the page has loaded, receive data from a server - after the page has loaded, send data to a server - in the background.

jQuery is a JavaScript Library. jQuery greatly simplifies JavaScript programming and it is easy to learn. It adds lots of features into a web page.

PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development. Fast, flexible and pragmatic, PHP powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world.

MySQL Database Service is a fully managed database service to deploy cloud-native applications using the world's most popular open source database.

Learn how to design fast, responsive, interactive and mobile friendly webpages

Learn new concets of Acclerated Mobile Pages(AMP). It is being used in variety of websites. Get ahead of your opponent by learning new technology.

Learn how to design logo and banner for web pages.

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